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Intercom Systems


Intercom systems are absolutely essential when you want to keep in touch with your entire family while at home. High tech Modern intercoms allow for you to communicate with those that are outside your House but can also be installed in each room with No hassle for inter-room communication. If you already have a home control system for your home, an intercom can be an easy and beneficial addition to any house in Montréal and surroundings’.

Here is how an intercom can make your life significantly much easier:

  • Easy communication through home control panels that are already in your home
  • Video integration allows for you to easily see everything that is going on in the house and around
  • High tech Advanced level of security that allows for you to keep a constant eye on people that enter onto your property or into your home

With today’s New Front Door Stations, they can send you notifications directly to your mobile phone that someone is at your front door such as RING. Some systems even allow you to communicate with that person at your door using the mobile app, even when you are not at home.

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