Security Surveillance

Security Surveillance

Dealing with the unexpected causes so much turmoil in life, and it’s especially wearing when unexpected problems disrupt your business affairs. You have enough to deal with when running a business; your security needs to be as predictable as telling time.

Analog security cameras have been part of business security systems for years, but technology is striding forward and Shay locksmith is keeping up in order to keep your security at the top of the line.

Being Aware is Being Prepared

Why is security surveillance so important? Because only 15% of burglaries are ever convicted in the Canada. Without clear identification of criminals who are attempting to break and enter on your business, police can’t take steps to apprehend whoever was responsible. And that means that the thief could come back to your business or threaten another company in the future.

Security cameras are usually a visible deterrent to criminals, but having monitoring ability gives an added measure of protection against repeat incidents. Knowing where your business’s weak points are gives you the ability to choose the level of surveillance needed and take steps to protect what matters most.

How Surveillance Works For You

With a security surveillance system designed and installed by Shay locksmith, you can have the weak access points in your business location identified and covered. Security cameras have left the analog days behind and now come with wireless capability, high definition video, night vision availability and vandal resistant styling. With the ability to record available to activate when doors open or when motion sensors trigger, any attempted access to secured doors can be recorded for review later.

Surveillance allows you to know what’s going on at your business even when you’re not there. With our remote access capability via login from a smartphone or a computer, you can check live video feeds in order to see what’s going on at any point in the day. Security cameras provide a measure of peace of mind as they allow businesses to handle day to day details without needing to redirect employees to keep an eye on the location.

Prevention is the key to avoiding financial disaster; our job is to help you avoid any disasters by providing the prevention. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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